Hexcell Smart Meter

Energy Meter Case

Hexcell started to develop Europe market since 2008, Germany is the 1st market Hexcell had entered in Europe markets. The three phase smart GPRS meter(direct-connected&CT connected type) has been updated from Generation I to Generation III and gradually installed and run on-site. Untill now total around 20,000pcs has been running in Germany market.
Currently, the target markets for the new developed smart meter mme2 were mainly in Germany and Austria. In both countries new legal and technical regulations were released by the governments to make sure that the future roll outs will be handled in a professional way.
Since 2013, the installation of “old type electronic meters” (like mme1) is no more allowed. In parallel, the German government prepared new regulations for a new generation of smart meters. The main focus was to define special standards for data security during communication (data encryption) and a general standardization to allow an interoperability of meters from different suppliers. But this task was postponed several times and even today the new law has not yet passed the parliament.