Hexcell Smart Meter

Energy Meter Case
Saudi Arabia

In 2019, we provided SEC with our AMI and GPRS meters, which solved the backward state of SEC power consumption management. Our company provides AMI system, three-phase GPRS direct meter and three-phase GPRS CT / VT mmeters. The success rate of meter reading by GPRS of our company's centralized reading system reaches 100%. Meanwhile, it provides various functions of power consumption management and energy analysis, which greatly improves SEC's monitoring and early warning ability to the power grid and makes the power grid transmission stronger. The meter adopts modular design and GPRS communication module supports the hot pull-out-in function, which provides convenience for later maintenance. The meter supports various functions such as load curve, event recording, etc, Then provide data guarantee for power consumption management. The system is currently running in two cities and has a good running record, which has been praised from SEC.