Hexcell Smart Meter

►The company was established on May 19, 2003
►Passed ISO9001 certification of BSI certification body in January 2006;
►The company moved from Chegong Temple to Xili in June 2006;
► Passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification of BSI certification body in April 2007;
►May 2008 was awarded the title of "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise"
►2007-2010 was named "Excellent Foreign Investment Enterprise";
►Obtained the Dutch STS series product certification in 2010
►Obtained German PTB certification in March 2010
►Obtained DLMS and MET certifications in August 2010

                                                                      ►In February 2011, the company was officially recognized as a "National High-tech Enterprise";
                                                                      ►Obtained South Africa STS certification in March 2011;
                                                                      ►In May 2011, the company was renamed from "Hua Li South" to "Hua Vietnam Fang"
                                                                      ► Passed MID factory certification of German MIKES testing agency in 2012
                                                                      ► Passed BS OHSAS18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety System Certificate in 2012
                                                                      ►In May 2012, the single-phase electronic plug-in meter won the first prize of scientific and technological                                                                                                                           progress of  Guangxi Power Grid Corporation.
                                                                      ►Obtained UL certificate in February 2013
                                                                      ►Obtained an invention patent for a plug-in electric energy meter in June 2013
                                                                      ►Relocated from Nanshan, Lishan to Baoan Shiyan in August 2013

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