Smart Three Phase Multi-Functional Postpaid Meter DTSD1088

Smart Three Phase Multi-Functional Postpaid Meter DTSD1088

Three phase four wires multifunctional meter 1088 is made to accurately measures total active/reactive energy, import and export active/reactive energy and maximum demand. And in real-time it also measures and takes in process parameters like active/reactive power, apparent power, voltage, current, power factor, frequency and so on, and implements time-of-use control, automatic storage of reading-day demand, and records of load profile and events. With infrared, RS485, PLC and GPRS communication equipped, DTSD1088 meter realizes time of use energy measurement and efficient processing in ease. It complies with applicable standards of IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21, IEC62053-23, IEC62053-661, IEC62054-21, IEC62056-61, IEC62059-11 and IEC62059-21.

1.Functional LCD displays(menu driven, scrolling function, IR remote control mode)
2.Events record: Power-on/power-off (latest ten time), power quality monitoring(10 times), meter cover 
open(10 times recorded and can be read by MDM software).
3.Load curve recording: Active/reactive energy, voltage(3 phases), current(3 phases), power factor(3 
phases) and time stamp(DD/MM/HH/YY)
4.External relay
5.Over-load protection: Automatic disconnect the load as load exceeds the specified power limited value(optional)
6.RTC, broadcast time synchronization via communication interface(could be set by GPS time via the MDM)
7.Optional multi-communication: PLC based on OFDM according to CENELEC standards(A-band), GPRS(SIMCOM-chip), RS485, integrated M-Bus(extended connection to gas and water meters) according to OMS standard.
8.Open Protocol: DLMS/COSEM
9.Advanced AMI integration (Optional)