Hexcell Smart Meter

AMI/AMR Collecting System


1.AMR/AMI system solution


The solution is to adopt network architecture of centralized collection and distributed management of data and distributed browser management, which is to set up the system data management center. Customer data of various subsystems will be centralized to and managed by the main system. Utilitycompany of other subsystem 1,subsystem 2,subsystem n establish data exchange channels with the main system through the internal network. Utility companies of subsystems are only authorized to manage local customer data. The solution has high demand for system reliability and authority limit distribution because of its high integration level and complexity.
1.2Meter Data collection Solution

                                   Graph 1-1: Mixed collection solution

1.The data communication between Meter and Concentrator is via PLC. The Concentrator communicates with master station by GPRS/Ethernet.
2.One concentrator can manage to up to 1024meters in principle
, the numbers in detail according to the onsite.