Hexcell Smart Meter

Smart Water Meter System


1.When you need to purchase water, please go to vending station, inform your ID information such as meter ID, property address or registered name etc. to the water sales staff.
2.Inform the amount you intend to purchase to water sales staff. After making payment, the staff will give you a voucher containing with 20 digits Token .
3.Enter the 20 digits Token through the keypad on your CIU, press, charging will be completed.
Note: if wrong digit is entered, press to delete the wrong number one by one

Reading system overview

Smart Water Meter System:
1.Basic information ( include ‘Zone’, ‘Street’, ‘Giro’, ‘Neighborhoods’)
2.Customer Management (include ‘Customer’, ‘Customer Type’, ‘Sub Customer Type’)
3.Equipment Registration (include ‘Concentrator’, ‘Concentrator Type’, ‘Meter Registration’)
4.Concentrator Management ( include ‘ Concentrator Management’, ‘Reading data’ , ‘Reading Meter’, ‘Water record’)
5.Water Sales (include ,‘Open Account’, ‘Water Purchase’, ‘Transaction’, ‘Vending Bill’)
6.System Settings( include ‘Department’, ‘Privilege’, ‘Role Manager’, ‘User management’, ‘Bulletin’, ‘System parameter’, ‘Water pricing management’, ‘Sub-class’, ‘Installation of water meters’, ‘Get other Token’, ‘STS parameter setup’, ‘STS Certification’)
7.Reports (include ‘Day Report’, ‘Week Report’, ‘Month Report’, ‘Others Report’, ‘Vending Bill Report’, ‘Cashier Closing Shops’, ‘Cashier Closing HQ’, ‘WaterSaleReport’