Hexcell Leakage Protector


HEXCELL LEAKAGE PROTECTOR MCB is applicable to electrical circuits with 230 / 400V AC nominal voltage, 50 / 60Hz frequency and norminal current up to 125Amp. The product protects against overload and bypasses electrical circuits and equipment in domestic and commercial installation. MCB is also used as a non-frequent change over electrical circuits.

1.The design of the state of the art 
Window indicating the contact position
Transparent lid designed must-one label
2.Handle central-staying function for circuit fault indicating
In case of overload, to protect the citcuit,the MCB handles brake and stays in central positions,which allows a quick solution to the defective line.The joystick can not remain in such a position when    manually  operated.
3.High short circuit capacity
High short cricuit capacity 6KA for the entire range and 10KA capacity for the norminal current up to 40A thanks the powerful electric are extinguishing system.
Long electrical endurance up to 6000 cycles thanks to a fast manufacturing mechanism.
4.Control padlock device
The MCB joystick can be locked in the "ON" or "OFF" position to prevent unwanted product operation.
5.Screw terminal block locking device
The locking device prevents unwanted or occasional disassembly of connected terminals.