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Advantages Of Intelligent Ultrasonic Water Meter

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In the lack of social energy resources, energy demand is growing big time, flow metering in the national economy played a role in more and more obvious. With the rapid development of technology in recent decades the DSP, IC, embedded, communication technology and new electronic devices, micro-power and high-energy power supplies, along with high-speed digital control chip and more mature, the ultrasonic flow measurement technology has made great progress.

Comparative advantages of ultrasonic water meter
● Standards of modern flow measurement
Wide Range ratio: In order to reduce the leakage rate, improving economic efficiency, such as the ability to meter drip desired measurement, having a measuring device which requires a very wide rangeability.
High flow parameters: low temperature for high temperature fluid flow parameters of flow rate measurement can be performed, such as the North heating measurement requires measuring device having a function of measuring the flow of hot water.
Low maintenance: To ensure continuous use of measuring instruments in case of failure, also can be maintained without affecting the online use again.
● Comparison between the various water meter
Until now meter type, depending on the principle of mechanical, thermal, acoustic, electrical, optical, atomic physics developed from a variety of different uses meter birth. Here are some common water meters currently available in the market.
1.Mechanical meter is a mechanical measuring device using the fluid continuously into a known volume of a single part, in accordance with the metering chamber sequentially, repeatedly filled and the number of times the volume of the discharge portion of the fluid to measure the total volumetric flow. Its main advantage is low cost and simple to implement, inexpensive.
2.Electromagnetic meter using the conductive liquid is flowing perpendicular to the measuring tube of non-magnetic field will be induced potential magnitude of the induced electromotive force proportional to the average velocity of the medium is measured, whereby the measured size is calculated in accordance with the induced electromotive force an average flow rate of the measured medium, the flow rate value thus calculated. Its main advantage is no motion and the choke member for the pipe, pressure loss is small; since only the induced electromotive force and the average flow velocity of the measured medium, whereas the flow regardless of their state, and thus high accuracy electromagnetic meter, without mechanical inertia, fast response, good dynamic characteristics.
3. Jet water meter utilizing the Coanda effect is developed into. When the fluid enters the closed conduits jet metering chamber due to the Coanda effect and the effect of the presence of feedback control jet jet, the fluid oscillates in the metering chamber, the oscillation frequency or volume flow rate of the fluid through the conduit in a certain flow range proportional to the flow rate, to calculate the average velocity of the fluid flow rate value is calculated in turn. Jet water meter with high sensitivity measurement, the measured liquid bubbles can be eliminated or minor effects on the measurement result of sediment; mainly low flow Reynolds number for the fluid to be measured, a wide measurement range, it has an advantage at low flow rate detection.
4. Ultrasonic meter using ultrasonic principle contained in a fluid flow of information propagation in a flowing liquid, the ultrasonic signal through the fluid can be obtained by detecting the flow rate of the fluid measured information, and finally converted to the volume according to the corresponding principles. Ultrasonic test meter without any movement of the pipe, the baffle member, no wear, pressure loss; high sensitivity, can detect small changes in the flow rate; almost no requirement for measured medium; have a very broad range than the structure and the ultrasonic meter simple, easy to maintain, very suitable for civil and industrial measurement.

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