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In The Dig Of Iot, What's The Trend Of Smart Meters?

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Update time : 2019-10-23 15:35:37

As a large number of sensors are embedded into the mobile terminal, smart electric meter, automobile, industrial machine, and other devices, the global Internet of Things (IoT) industry is in the ascendant. According to a report released recently by Deloitte, a world-known accounting firm, the shipment of global IoT hardware devices will rise by 60% and their market value is up to USD 10 billion this year. Derivative services of such devices value USD 70 billion.
Indeed, the development of global IoT is in its full swing. However, it is found after careful analysis that the application of IoT is worrying. According to statistics, most IoT users are enterprises rather than ordinary consumers. Deloitte’s research shows that 60% of IoT devices are used by enterprises and industry, and 90% of revenue for IoT-related services is from enterprises instead of consumers.
What are the reasons? 
First is the high cost. Such as intelligent home lamp installation, should be equipped with the controller and expensive special light bulbs, the cost is common energy-saving lamps and dimmers for several times.
In addition, IoT device systems are too scattered, which limits the application and development of high value-added cross devices. 
Finnish national electricity transmission grid operator Fingrid has chosen IBM to help drive transformation in the country’s electricity industry using IoT technology.
According to a company release, IBM notes that maintaining a constant flow of electricity through Fingrid's 14,000 km electricity grid is not an easy task, and requires a holistic understanding of grid operations, maintenance and safety issues.
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